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Making Alzheimer’s disease
diagnosis a simple act.


With Noratest, you can get a diagnosis for Alzheimer's disease through a simple blood test as soon as the first symptoms appear. Prescribed by your physician, Noratest provides you with a quick answer in case you are facing cognitive problems.

1 - Be aware of warning symptoms
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2 - Talk about it with your physician
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3 - Take the test in a laboratory
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A simple response to a complex disease

Today, Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis is a combination of several clinical and paraclinical exams (medical imaging, lumbar puncture), making the patient's journey complex, long and expensive. With Noratest, we enable each of our patients and physicians, all over the country, to benefit from a simple, clear and efficient diagnostic tool.

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The scientific method

Noratest calculates a diagnostic score for Alzheimer's disease using a proprietary algorithm. This algorithm is based on the now-proven correlation between Alzheimer's patients’ MMSE cognitive score and their plasma noradrenaline level. It takes into account the concentration of 3 plasmatic catecholamines vis-à-vis the MMSE score, the age and sex of the patients.

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